by Tahnae Tidwell
(Topeka, Kansas)

I may not be as pretty as your last but I know you're suppose to keep the past in the past. I could f-ck some shit up if I wanted to, but I dont because I love you. Hiding things I know. So this is the route we're going to go? I thought that we were better than that. I'm starting to feel I'm not enough for you. From all the little stupid stuff you do. Is that it? Is that the case? I feel as if I'm competing in a race, for your love. I'm not a joke so dont take me as one. Just like that we can be done. I dont understand what she has that I dont. Why you love her but me you wont. I cant wait forever, and you said you'd hurt me never. So let her go and let me be. The one for all of eternity. I deserve you not her. There's a reason ya'll broke up and everything a blur. She's not worth it, I am. I came into your life and made everything better like damn. If you dont forget about her soon you're going to loose me over her. And you say you give me your word. That you're here but summer's near. What's to come then? You going to let her win? Give us all up for your first. I feel as if my head is going to burst. To think there's a possible chance you'd choose her over me at first glance. It makes me feel bad and very mad. Like I said I fight for what's mine. I loved you from the day our lips combined. So dont leave me hanging let me know. Am I the one you're going to let go?

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