Here it is

by Taiwo Adeniji
(London, England)

I think I know what it is

I think I know what it is

Now it's bright sunshine now, two weeks ago it was bitter cold.
You know what this means?
Floral print dresses.
Dresses with short cuts to dazzle.
The sun is an aphrodisiac.
What we are doing by not talking.
I've heard to talk and to not talk is easy.
Easy as falling for a decadent body..
I'm trying to fall in love, but there is so much...crap.
I am lost again, like a mote of dust in a shaft of sunlight.

See the plants in their iridescent plumage.
On Humans it's oversized, glasses on faces.
Mouth wet, I savour the sweet, confectionery taste.
Impressed, waiting in traffic with a sports car glint.
Work remains boring, yet conversely beauty is still always fleeting.
I'm tantalized by pleasure.
Optimism rises with the bright illumination.
Heightened sensuality.
Think how it all could be.

Pleasure is a natural preference.
A fashionable transformation.
She wears summer clothing for its illicit glamour.
Being brave-revealing all.
A browner skin insignia.
Portraiture painting in words.
In the simple darkness.
I watch the street lights blink on.
Tell me your story and drink some sake.
The background is a delicious midnight blue.

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