Here Lies My dream R.I.P

by Katlynn Crissinger

You are my friend,
you are my love,
you always tend to my needs
as beautiful as a Dove,
you the one I look too.

those brown eyes

make me feel new
I could just fly
you are my worst nightmare,
I get so nervous around you,
I get the shakes when you leave me,
kinda like you're my drug
beautiful as a fall leaf,

Mugged my heart,

I need you but could never let you know,
we'll have to stay friends....I guess so,
this is so low,
I'm happy just being under your wing in the nest,
I can say it
doesn't mean I meant it,

I'm trying so hard
black blood flowing though my veins
Deep Deep pains
us was a fit
Her brown eyes
I want this to be legit
So here lies my dream R.I.P

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