define quantum mechanics

by matthew scott harris
(schwenksville, pennsylvania)

SOS - mass cure aid sought asap!

SOS - mass cure aid sought asap!

cuz...well...this cerebral cortex lacks
ability to comprehend anything
more complex than playing jacks
aware his severe cognitive ability hacks

away at such juvenile gibberish
and most likely exacts
a prediction my intelligence
on par with bracts

very much aware that
without recourse to contrivances
delineating the passage of time,
wherever said out
standing invisible essence
which moments lapse just now ago

no just a moment ago Yaw
that, this or another instant
did without so much as a wow
lapse, and lucky

21st Homo Sapiens to vow
and lay claim thee or thou
aware the amorphous ether
one can reefer as a sow

or any other animate or
inanimate direct or indirect object re:
yule lie zing
any analogy, metaphor, simile,
et cetera a poor substitute to pre
sent every second, minute,

hour...that doth nee
dull our attention akin
to banshees, or comparison
to something else
totally tubularly off the wall lee
ving without a trace

only prompt a feeble yet apropos je
ne sais quois, yet even then any primate a he
than (if individual couched in this free
to believe in any religion country, and cre
may shun versus burial predicated

adherence to idea of a soul aie...aye
how write with frustration struggle to affix bye
and bye, some nebulous notion, that doth defy
tis a futile effort to codify, fortify,

identify abstract concepts, whose high
arc key eludes pinpointing a per jai
guru dev, place or thing (ha)
even scrunching brow
defeats and doth be lie
this one measly mortal well nigh
tuckered out on par with calculating pi

tangential to asking if and/or
how i can access
fullest potential...say to write
about with the aid of symbols

i.e. letters to expound on an idea trite
or one that confounded mankind
many millenniums or quite
sum indeterminate orbits 'round el sol,

no ability within this mite
ova reproductive happenstance (yes me),
whom ye could tell go fly a kite
for inducing confusion,

but the nature of this har re: beast
with a little insight
gripped, harangued, rankled,
et cetera, thus communicates
hello or goodnight,

which understandable
simple words may not excite
as quotidian oft repeated philosophical
mental challenges
i didst expend effort to cite,

which mind exercises offers
no exit, ouch that doth byte
and if subjected to a brain scan
would blind technicians
and set alight

frenzied uproar amidst Homo Sapiens
via intense thinking to induce blind
ness flailing at feeling trapped
asper being teased at find
ding no beginning

or end like a mobius strip
analogous to space/ time continuum
that little effort could
blow a fuse in the mind.

adieu: from matthew scott harris
hook halls schwenksville, pennsylvania
hiz home tow win.

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