Here's to the Kids

by KayLani Dyer

Here's to the kids who cry themselves to sleep at night,
They wake up in the morning and try to convince themselves they'll be alright,

Here's to the kids who cut to kill the monsters on the inside,
One tear leads to another,
They can run but never hide,

Here's to the kids that don't know the place,
They attempt to be nice but it continuously gets thrown back in their face,

Here's to the girls and boys infatuated with their weight,
One day you'll find someone that doesn't care
And that's called your soul mate,

Here's to the kids who've wrongfully gotten their innocence ripped away,
Trust me when I say they wish for it back every day,

Here's to the kids who walk through life,
Smiling and acting as if everything's okay,
Ignoring the real strife,

Here's to the kids who feel alone in a crowded room,
They try to fit in,
Yet they never quiet win,

Here's to the kids who blame themselves when their parents divorce ,
Deep down they feel sadness and remorse,

They wish they had a remote to wind things back to the way they use to be,
Maybe things would change then?
They will always ask themselves "why?"
And wonder "when?"

Here's to the kids who've loved with all their heart,
When their loved ones walked away they completely fell apart,

Here's to the boys and girls who've lost a loved one,
The bravest thing you'll ever do is keep on pushing when you say you think you're done,

I know you've had a troubled past,
You smile,
But your happiness never seems to last,

Well I'm here to tell you otherwise,
A part of us lives and a piece of us dies,

Pain changes us into the strong independent beautiful beings God planned for us to be,

When the rain will stop pouring,
The sun will start shinning,
And you will start souring,
Like a bird in the wind,
This is where happiness begins.

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To everyone :
by: KayLani

Awe, Thank you to everyone who took the time to read this and comment your opinions. :) It means so much to me. I hope to be an author + poet.

by: Nicole

very inspiring and uplifting. wish i had this kind of talent.

by: Anonymous

Your poems are beautiful never stop writing

by: Anonymous

This is outstanding! It really could help so many people :) you sure know how to use your words!

by: Anonymous

This is real good. Hopefully it will help others.I am very proud of you. There are so many suffer from many disorders including depression and they need to know they are not alone and that they can overcome what ever they are going through. Please kids believe in yourselves

amazing talent
by: Anonymous

I love this poem! I actually cried! I'm not a crier!touches my heart to see someone make such amazing poetry.

by: Anonymous

This an amazing poem and it's touched me deep down in places I never thought anyone could reach. this gave me hope . I believe you have an amazing talent that should never go to waste!

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