by Duc du Clos

On lands far from their own they fall
With patriotism, they heed the call
With words of farewell, without hesitation
Leaving behind loved ones in poignant lamentation
With tears and concerns from family so dear
But duty for country is greater than fear

So young they’re deployed, when urgency dictates
Too old they appear as they return to our states
They forgo the pleasures to be home with family
To protect others suffering under tyranny
“Heroes” they’re called, as “Angels” is taken
For pride in our country is newly awakened

Our flag raised in victory on deserts and shores
We pray safe return, our faith restores
No medals they need, if they can’t see it glow
No flags do we want, unless it’s a flow
Vibrantly it waves as it unfurls
For in our hearts it’s more precious than pearls

Our own heroes they are, even at enemy’s gate
With defiance they march, to an infallible fate
They offer their lives for that of a stranger
And live day to day in constant danger
Mutilated often they return, gone so long
Here back in our arms, where they belong

When the fanfare is gone, life returns to formal
But sadly for them, living is no longer normal
Existence as they knew it is a thing of the past
For in their present mind, anxiety will last
And as the days pass, we forget their great feat
And we turn our heads, while they live in the street

For bravery and valiance, celebrations they deserve
For peace and life, with honor they preserve
Our good fortune here is the price of their fright
And thanks to them we sleep soundly at night
Our wish for all is to come safely home
And so to them, I sincerely dedicate this poem.

From the 2009 book
"Old Echoes of a New Voice"
By Duc du Clos

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