by Channa (chi)

My eyes they see the truth
the ones still in their youth
those who behind lies
who have never tied loose ties

they all hide something inside
insecurity, fear, maybe pride?
but take one good look at their eyes
they reveal more of what lies inside

what you see may be a surprise
what is hidden in those eyes
someone who is a jerk, is someone secretly kind
someone who is sad, with a fake smile, hides

take a look, what do you see?
maybe if you look deep enough
you may see the real me
someone who is lonely, not tough

take one good look
it's plain as day
that a soul is a book
that is what most say

so if you see someone smiling
take one good look in their eyes
there may be something they are hiding
behind a fake smile and lies.

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by: Kyle or Agrith

We need to make money with this gold ._.

reply to g campos
by: channa

This poem wasn't based off of the commandment, it was of what I experienced and what I can see in others and myself. Though I do thank you for that input.


You're right, we can't hide from lies. God's
9th Commandment said... "Thou Shalt Not Lie."

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