His Eyes

by Brehannah
(Sapupla, Oklahoma USA)

I look at him.
He looks back.
His eyes are so kind.
I feel so safe in his arms.
when he Kisses me it is breathtaking.
When he hugs me I feel so safe as if nothing will hurt me.
He makes me feel so special,
I have never had this feeling with anyone else.
The feeling of love,
but who am I to say I know what love is, I’m just a child
but I am old enough to start finding my way in this world
in his eyes I get so lost, as if I am wandering into space
but I realize that I am not lost I am only on an adventure with him
I look into his eyes as he hugs me and holds me knowing that this is only the beginning,
My life is just beginning
and look into his eyes once again
and I’m ready for the adventure to start.
In his eyes.

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