His Ride or Die

by Luna Dream
(Sparta, TN)

I consider myself a ride or die
Some people ask me why
I just look at them and say
You've obviously never felt this way
When I look into his eyes
I never want to say goodbye
When I press my mouth against his lips
My heart sinks like the titanic ship
Some people call me crazy
But I just say they're lazy
When you have a love like this
It truly causes an internal bliss
Every moment of every day
I just want to lay
Against his chest and in his arms
Where I feel like there is no harm
Sometimes I feel ready to leave
But then I look at him and its hard to believe
I fell so hard, harder then ever before
I never want to close this door
He holds a key that he's never had to use
The one to my heart, that should never be abused
And yet, some people still ask me why
I consider myself his ride or die

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