Holding on (on and on)

by Angel Delvillar
(Bronx, New York)

As I look through the window

my hands split up the panes

I see life through the cracks, I see mountains as plains.

There’s a valley where no one travels

by which runs a stream of future rain

I see the sun evaporating it, my reflection remains.

A leaf falls in, a change in display

I see your eyes reflected in emotion yet this moment won’t sway

I look into you,and see a world so wide

I notice you when you try to hide.

In this moment I pray for you because I want you to stay.

My eyes are fixed on you as the world looks away.

Oh, hope in a sea of dismay, I look through you

I see past your shame, Love so tightly knit into a DNA strain

And here I stand naked in the frame.

Through thick and thin forever unchanged.

I’m holding this mirror

here in my hands.

As I write to you from deep within.

Thoughts flow by and autumn’s gone.

I engrave you into stone as our worlds become one.

while these mountainous plains are washed of their sin

I relentlessly try to find a where to begin.

In the winter I freeze the warmth in my heart

a monumental place to start.

I build you up into words of a song

looking into opposite mirrors

holding on

on and on

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