Honey We All Got Issues

by VR Smith
(Columbia, SC)

Don't worry about your idiosyncrasies, we all got issues
Got a little quirk? Does your eye twitch, your knee crack, your jaw pop?
Don't worry about it, we all got issues

Every morning you used to jump out of bed, now you first sit up and stumble out instead
And that formerly sultry morning voice, now sounds like a crazy horse

As life blesses us with additional years, don't let changes entice you to new fears
So you take a few more pills and occasionally need a nap
Don't worry about it, we all got issues

Wake up! Get up!
Put on your reading glasses, lip moisturizer, muscle rub, dry skin lotion, and comfortable shoes.
It may take you a little longer to get ready to go, but you still "got it going on"!

Let your unique presence and personality remain constant
If others attempt to critique, I said don't worry about it

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