How Can I Compensate...?

by matthew scott harris
(schwenksville, pennsylvania)

impossible to reciprocate provisions

impossible to reciprocate provisions

Just between myself,
and cosmic force
this good fella agreed
to dedicate, postulate,
validate, et cetera,
what virtue thine parents fostered,
(like a beach house child),
sans within this sole son

they did breed
allowing, enabling, and providing
beliefs, dogma and/or creed
dance clearwater revival,
and oft times did
substantiate ethical paradigm
with convincing deed

this keen awareness,
(viz 20/20 hindsight)
awoke of late
(maybe last half dozen years)
where family members of origin,
(NOT tubby confused
with Oregon) did exceed
asper basic concerns

dealing with a warm
hearth and home freed
the requisite responsibility
of me to support (or try)
Matthew Scott Harris, where greed
(yes, this truth must
be bluntly admittedly stated,
no matter adult

responsibilities shirked)
yours truly flagrantly
did not heed
and thus at this near
three decade orbitz
sol hymn lee cycled
round the sun indeed
a sincere pursuit spurs this

expressed objective keyed
via this 2009 MacBook
Pro Laptop lead
ding me towards pro active
game bit (gambit)
under_scoring NO need
nor ulterior, interior, or exterior
hidden agenda,

and matter of fact
accepting (NO MONEY
down or up), no
Apr, May, June...
(absolutely) nothing,
within whatever capacity,

I (mutter hoof act)
help at reo speed
wagon dog gone Mutt and Jeff,
and if nothing materials
aye thank ye taking thyme
to peruse this wacky weed
(for reed dull.)

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