How I must love you

by Sarah

To be betrayed by those
you love most,
oh how it hurts the heart
so very close.
A bee's stinger,
oh how the pain just seems..
Just seems to linger!
Far past the hurtful day!
all it does is blind the way,
oh how this pain clouds my day.
Why did I trust?
Why did I love so deep?
Is this all I reap,
from loving a family member,
oh so deep?
The hole in my back hurts,
but the hole in my heart hurts far worse.
By trusting,
I have been made into a fool.
By loving,
I have my own blood
turned into a pool!
Who to trust?
who to love?
Should I trust?
Should I love?

Isn't love what holds you up,
holds you up so you may never fall?
Love is a gift from God above,
but this gift hurts so bad.
I have tried to love all,
but I just fall and fall.
Maybe love,
but keep at a distance?
That just may do!
But will I again be a fool?

Gods love,
is perfect love.
And don't we hurt Him daily?
ha love can hurt.
I am finding,
and you cant do
any rewinding.
No matter how foolish this may be,
I feel like pure love
will set me free!
To love is not a foolish thing,
or a selfish thing.
I choose perfect love,
to love them past their mistakes,
to love past this pain,
to love through and through,
that is how I must love you.

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