How it Happen to Me..

by Kasmir Chanel

The green grass use to rub against my legs
the clouds use to roam up in the sky
now only the dead darkness rub against my legs
pulling me, hoping my soul would just die
In the shadows l look upon my family
my heart hurting knowing they miss me
My death bed had called my name
that wrist cutting had really left a stain
My blood ran across the floor
until there was no more
leaving my body pale,
lips purple and stale
No movements anymore but the red liquid,
leaving dry up red stains on my bathroom rug
I lost it off when his body hit the pavement
no life and blood
reaching both our lungs
they said death was painful
but I didn't feel on ounce
the truth was
the day he fell
was the day l died
I wish we had enough time for us to stay
the day he fell
was the day I couldn't take no more
his cold body
was now wrapped around my now cold body
the day he died
I couldn't take no more
the day he said hi
my mind wanted more

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