How Many Seconds ‘Til Midnight?

by Stephen Ladera

Tears of pain and shrieks of fright…
As the painful truth began to bite.
The icy breeze filled the skies with grim.
As the light of hope began to dim.

Frightening howls echoed around,
As the crickets lightly strum the requiem on the burial mounds.
Vultures perched on the old cathedral walls.
As they smiled and laughed at the tragedy that will fall.

Wails of woes and shreds of doubts began to blind the sight.
Yet the fireflies glide as they guide the lost with its faint light.
And slowly, the sands of time began to fade…
As everything began to cascade…

Scissors. Thread. It’s time to sleep.
Your consciousness began to fall into the deep.
Then, bitterly…you bid goodbye.
Midnight has come, and a thousand feet below you lie…

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