How We Live

by Anna Lovering
(Lubbock, TX)

Open for Rejection
If we'd make a connection.
Just right of a self-serving
Phile(file) who'd withered

Strings for laughter and
Gain. We sit in this world as
Caged tigers, lounge around
T.V. screens of Pixelated,

Generated fuzz to Buzz
Off Noise from You.
This is not a bad thing,
Since work is to reach

Thin air for a possible
Network. Towards scarce
Eating inside West of Mean.
What Life hunts for Us.

A pompous beast who'd
Eat a feast if left slacks eye of
Trouser pants still left denied.
We fold expectations in

Half of a match. What was supposed
In dreams, now smeared across
Plaintiff seas. Unemployed from
Cheap Stock Market sheets

To boughs of lights on trees.
Slum laughs Green so to, "Speak."; as
We cannot keep our skin
Clean with words such as 'Unemploy', it

Makes mind rise
"HIGH", so we don't
Drag feet when still
Night weeps.

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