However Things Tend to Change

by Rod Bearden
(Somewhere on Earth)

I don't know perhaps it was never clear,
How life changes.
I watched my parents have so much fun
yet only when the strokes began did I realize
How things seem to change.
They left the house very fast and soon I realized
they may be coming back,
However things tend to change.
They both returned to the house. yet something was missing?
Now I know they never brought back home with them.
Though things often change and the pain I must endure is unspeakable
yet with God we shall endure.
Today I had to leave my house, my wife and my daughter too.
So as to do the right thing and care for them.
However things seem to change.

My wife left me and took my daughter too
why lord is this happening to a man like me
Oh Lord Please tell Me.
However things seem to change.
I closed my Business,
and cared for my parents,
worked in the yard
planted some flowers
I did all I could to make them proud,
all along inside I was torn to pieces.
However things seem to change.
Several years have past and I stayed my course
and finally both my parents left this world.
I Hope I made a difference in their last days.
One night I heard a voice Saying Rodney you made things change.
I awoke and looked out the window
to my surprise the flowers were so Beautiful
with a smile on my face I went to the door
there stood many nurses and some elderly individuals sitting in wheel chairs.

'Mr. Bearden?' and I answered 'Yes'
A nurse began to tell me about all who I have Blessed.
The other nurses who were there took notes, and after reviewing the hospital they began to vote.
These Individuals whom you may not know
wanted to see you and wanted to show their appreciation for The Loving Kindness you Gave unto your parents, sacrificing all personal wants, placing them aside. You're a special man there is no denying.
So we wanted to tell you The Hospital has named the Stoke Clinic after you, and with this All the physicians, Nurses, Staff and most of all The Patients have something for you...
Why? because you made things change.
We learn a lot from life sometimes. We just have to listen.

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Thank you for sharing
by: HRorie

Very heartfelt Rodney. My condolences for your grievances. It is by actions/works such as yours that prove the greatness of faith. Faith without works is dead, but works in faith are rewarded. Trials and tribulations are necessary for refinement and establishment. The first must be endured for the latter to be earned.

My heart is with you.

by: Bob Heatherly

Very Nice Rodney and It makes one Think about
Our past and Future.

by: Mary edenburg

Very Moving touched my heart.This is what I like to read True down to earth family principles and values

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