Humanity dying into bleak nothingness

by Hell

Do people like to change?
The past is not something we can rearrange,
Our founders looked for peace,
Instead they received a world full of grease.

Oil, fuel, smog filling our society,
Parents having to deal with their children's anxiety,
We are searching for the answer,
Can we really do that without a cure for cancer?

Our corals once flourished in color,
Now they just seem to be getting duller.
Human activity makes our globe warmer,
Our earth is calling us but we are just under-performers.

Busy lives of humans hide the true emotion,
That we are care more for gossip than caring for our oceans,
And while another humanitarian searches for an arc,
There are kids smoking weed in your local park.

Can anyone truly ever find happiness is?
Children would rather sniff cocaine than do their next school quiz.
Is this the reputation our generation needs?
Or we are going to watch our society bleed?


The smiles on our face are suppose to hide the cuts on our wrists,
whilst we sell our body for the stimulation of our clits.
From birth we are told not to be mean,
Little do we know we are following the path of ketamine.

Cocaine is the numbing cream of society,
But only the pure red of blood helps fulfill my castration anxiety,
People think humans are killed by a shark,
yet humans are killing each other in the dark.

Who would've thought the utensil I use to cut my steak,
Would be the weapon I use to cut away my ache,
The cuts on my wrist from a young age,
Leave me as an adult trapped in a cage.

My parents ask me why I am nothing,
I look into the mirror and see nothing,
I am nothing.

Then I realized I am already dead.

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