I adored my baby sister, she became very mean and serpent tongued

by Twinkles
(Massachusetts USA)

Twelve years younger. I adored her, I took her everywhere that I went with my teenage friends, she was my little love.
Now she is grown up and feels she can use her tongue to lash out and be vicious and cruel. She is the only one of us three sisters who makes my mother cry.
She judges me and has been disrespectful to me for a very long time. She acts as though she is better than us and she can be extremely hurtful. I have forgiven and loved unconditionally since she came into my life.
She claims every once in a while that she loves me. I don't feel it. I feel as though I have to walk on egg shells with her. Her neighbors seem to be more important and she has verbally attacked me since she became a teenager.
I would get filthy looks from her. She was not easy to understand.
She turned me into someone who could not be outgoing and as happy go lucky as I used to around her. I felt self conscious and unwanted and unwelcome.
Last thing she said to me was "I am done"
Well little sister...your big sister is done too...done with you and the abuse and meanness.
Whew....I feel over one hundred pounds lighter and like my old self more and more each day. Stronger and more capable of projects and enjoying my golden years.
I will love her till I die, but I choose to let her go her own way and will not place myself at the end of her serpent tongue ever ever again.

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