I Am A Poet

by Sakura

I have my many moods

Twirling, smiling, laughing, singing to the moon, I
Write beautiful poetry

Watching the blood pool in my hands and mixing with my tears, I
Write slicing poetry

Looking out the window at the rain blotting out the real world, I
Write sorrowful poetry

Letting the sun shine down on me from the wide sky, I
Write joyful poetry

Locked in my cozy soft pastel bedroom, I
Write safe poetry

Sneaking out to a wild party, ruling the dark streets, I
Write dangerous poetry

Surrounded by friends who lift me and guide me, I
Write together poetry

In the dead of night under the open sky full of too much possibility, I
Write alone poetry

You people think you know it all, but I
Truly do, because I am blessed with the gift

I am forever searching for the right words, because I

Am a poet

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