I Am All

by Caneel

I see all
I hear all

I have the places in my eyes
The cliffs and ocean and forest in my eyes

I have the sky in my eyes
The moon and stars and Sun in my eyes

I have the people in my eyes
The good and bad and lonely in my eyes

I have the sounds in my eyes
The sobs and laughs and sighs in my eyes

I have the world in my eyes
The sea and land and in-between in my eyes

I have the feelings in my eyes
The sorrow and joy and
Loneliness and
In my eyes

I see all
It is a curse
I hear all
I wish I couldn't

I am all

I am the vast dark nothingness of space
I am the silent snowflakes spiraling downward
I am the insecure flat-chested teenage girl, trying to fit in

I am all

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