I am Alon Dy

by Alon Calinao Dy
(Samar, Philippines)

I am Alon Dy,
Son of Mila and Tong Dy,
Brother of Kissy and Milton Dy,
Who loves his wife and his family.

I am a nurse
Who touches the hearts and minds of the patients,
Who stands and fights for what is right,
Who knows his limits as a nurse.

I am a dreamer
Who has always option one, two, and three.
I never quit, as it is not in my vocabulary.
Just because others  throw their hands up and cry,
Doesn't mean I'll just leave it high and dry.

I feel bad that some people are ignorant,
Talking sh-t behind your back like this and that
These people need to realize,
I do not mind and I do not care.

Backbiting, prejudice and hatred,
These are negative attitudes that need to eliminate.
Trust me, people still change and
Do this now while there is time.
So please, it is not too late.

Once again, I am Alon Dy
Who fears no one except God.
I understand I cannot please everybody.
I admit I make mistakes sometimes.
I say sorry, but still,
Need to love each and everyone.

I'm aware I have many friends.
I know I select only few.
I understand, yet wonder why I'm like this.
It's plain and simple,
Few of them are true.

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Yeah I remember you!
by: Alon Calinao Dy

Kumusta na? Dito pla kita mkikita teray musta na ate linlin mo. Ano na balita. Yes, thanks for this website I have found my childhood friends here. You can email me alondy_usa_rn@yahoo.com.ph. I am very glad now to meet my "long lost friends" hehe:)

A very nice poem C:
by: teresa berondo (Teray)

That was a very nice poem of you. I'm amazed that you have written a lot of poem in this page. By the way...do you still remember me? I am one of your childhood friend in Gandara Samar, hope you still remember...were just your neighbor..if you remember lolo Coling, I'm one of her apo..remember ate linlin? my older sister..she is your schoolmate in Gangara Central Elem. School. It's nice to see this page. God bless you and your family!!! C:

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