I Am Alone

by Xavier Gowins
(Leadville, CO)

I am alone,
The last of my kind
I have grown,
Grown to accept that I won’t find,
Find someone who understands
I am alone,
Alone with my thoughts,
The thoughts that no one likes
The thoughts that keep me going
The thoughts that keep flowing,
Flowing in my mind,
Infecting my head with different ideas,
The ideas that give me my personality
I am alone,
For I choose to be alone
People piss me off
They always think they are better
They are too loud
They don’t understand
I hate the crowd,
That people are in
I feel threatened
I feel trapped
I feel I was scrapped,
Like an old piece of furniture that is unusable
I prefer the quiet,
So I do not mind being scrapped,
For the quiet is nice
I am alone

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