I Am Having Thanksgiving

by Jody Lynn
(Gilson, IL)

Someone must have thought an awful lot of me
To nominate me to have Thanksgiving;
I did not know that I was on the ballot
Or that I was even in the running.

Is it because I am a superb chef
Or because my house is exceptionally immaculate?
Is my interior breathtakingly striking?
Need I elucidate?

We need to get a turkey,
That is a start;
If I am not demented,
I should know the routine by heart.

Take the rutabaga, yams, cranberries,
Potatoes and greens, too;
My proud husband beams,
"The guests will be dazzled by you!"

Smell the succulent aroma
Of roasting turkey in the oven;
Baste the bird, stir the gravy,
Have we ever had such fun?

Ah, finally--time to sit down;
Did you remember your best napkins?
Did you clean the tablecloth
After Jake made a mess with pumpkins?

I'll get whoever gave me this job,
This calls for one super prank,
But first, I'll have that turkey leg
And think of who to thank.

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