I am the Dark Side of You

by Aundreya Garcia
(Las Vegas, Nevada)

I open my eyes and breath in the morning air,
Pain, sorrow, and the oh so lovable despair.
I crave that which I cannot have,
And despise that which I have and do not want.
Some would have you think I'm a creature of the night,
They have no insight.
Not in to me,
Nor who I am,
Or what I am About.
I will pass no judgment on any,
For why judge those who could not be as horrid as myself.
I am not to be blessed I am way passed help.
I am not to be loved I care for only me.
I will not allow friendship, I only push away.
I do not like the light. I do not like the night.
I am never satisfied with what I have,
Nor am I to be proud of what I have done to those I have lied to.
I will kill and not think twice.
And anything I offer comes at a High price.
Do not cross me.
Do not cross my path.
I am not to be trifled with.
I am not an ass.
I will hear only the truth,
Yet I only tell lies.
You may never see me,
Or I may never leave
but be warned I am there.
You may act on what you see of me,
Or maybe not.
But I will be here and I will wait forever.

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Feb 18, 2012
by: Lucy

like it and it sounds like me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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