I Am You

by Aundreya Garcia
(Las Vegas, Nevada)

A stranger,walks in the distance.
Travailing with naught but tears as her only companion.
A loss has come her way,
She keeps moving in the hope that it will fall far behind.
It tears at her with nails of steal,
Like that of a wild beast on the hunt,
And ready for the kill.
She turns as I look at her
I extend a hand,
Which she accepts with open arms,
Like that of a long lost sister.
I see the shadow of what her Joy looks like,
I smile at her and pull her onward,
I squeeze her hand,
Letting her know I'm there and not leaving her side,
As we go I shield her,
For I would rather die,
then see the tears which linger in her eyes.
We move through the meadow of hope once lost to our world,
Our entry was found for I have much to hope for.
When her world came crashing down I held it up so as to not crush her,
When all seemed lost I found the one thing that kept her moving.
Who am I you may ask.
I am hope itself.
I am the one thing lost and found time and time again.
I am the wind that blows,
I am the diamond glints on snow,
I am the one who took your burden upon myself,
I am the one who cares for you more then anyone else,
I am you. You are the most important person in your life,
You are strong,
You are beautiful.
A truly magnificent being.
A most amazing unique you.
You are never alone,
For I am there to hold you,
With comfort I will protect you,
And let no fear stand taller then you are able to pass.
Let it be heard across every mountain,
Across every valley,
Across every single river, ocean, and stream:
For you I am there,
And with you I will forever remain.

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