by Mary Pagdati
(Nicosia, CYPRUS)

What a day when message came to me that you longed for us to meet - from the past we had no connection;
But you knew me oh so well; reminiscent of my joyful heart, yet I lay oblivious of your warm recollection.

A seed sown in the barrenness of the desert, scorched by the blazing
sun, left alone at the mercy of the times.
Life took on its strange course; auspicious doors that led to brick walls, and roads without danger signs.

Births of joy subdued by the pangs of grief; I believe it must have been part of God’s refining process!
Could God have created two people, like two peas in a pod? I might
perhaps say, yes.

And without anticipation, the entwining paths in the wilderness
stretched - joining before us, making a way where there was none.
Across the horizon, the amber sky exuberantly aglow, unlike I’ve
ever seen, but hovering way beyond, the foreboding clouds came to
cover our sun.

We need not fear, nor question it all, for He is rooted deep in our heart.
He promises never to forsake us, never to leave us; Yes, I believe He will never from us part.

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