I Cry

by Anonymous

I cry when I hear the national anthem,
especially when sung by little girl at a hockey game
and the hush from the stands as she begins.

I cry when I see a young prodigy perform
masterfully in front of an audience.

I cry when I remember that I never
got the chance to thank my grandmother,
before she died,
for all the things she taught me.

I cried when I realized my children would
never have a grandmother like her
when I saw my mother passed out
on the couch, drunk.

I cry when I think how my life would
be had I only said, "I love you",
to the one girl I really loved,
when I had the chance.

I cry when I realize
that I had hurt someone with words
without intending to.

I cry when my adult son tells
me that he loves me and when my
daughter won't.

I cry about a lot of things now
as my world is not the same as it was
so many years ago.

Most times I cry when I'm alone
When I know no one can see me.

Other times I cry on the inside
because men aren't supposed to cry
but sometimes I just can't help it.

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