I didn't say goodbye

by Chelsey L J
(New Zealand)

The last time I saw you
you were in a box, sealed up
with a message from my dad on top
the last time i saw your face
it was raining, i was wet
i didn't stop to say hello
or goodbye

you were mine from Christmas morning
I got a letter from my stocking
next week you had moved in
and i fell instantly in love

do you think of him as your killer?
do you think that I'm a traitor?
for letting him live here, for loving him?
his beady eyes, shaggy brown hair--
you used to run up and greet me
now he does
but i can't help loving him
you're the one that taught me how
you opened up my heart with your eyes, your touch
you let me love, and i do love again
though nothing like i ever loved you

i never wanted to let you go
i wanted to reverse time so i could visit you
more often and spend more time with you
you loved me, though i didn't deserve it
and i loved you
i thought you'd be mine forever
i never though I'd have to let you go

There were half a million names for you
thought up by family and friends
though officially your name was Twitch
to me you're always, just Bunny

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