I Do........

by Wabil Janjua
(Sharjah U.A.E)

I care coz i love you so dont cry!!!

I care coz i love you so dont cry!!!

Run your vision,
out and about,
visualize the loneliness, you feel
that surrounds

shout out your fears
scare away the pain
scratch away the horror
yet solitude you'll gain

squeeze your face into the pillow
those feather soaking your dazzling tears
lie face down on the bed,
muffling sighs like overdue arrears

come on, face up
misery has it's way
blinding people, suffocating them
leading them astray

gasp, clasp, cling to each passing moment
so what if nobody cares
dreams are your reality, affection a luxury
necessity of life, love is nothing but a snare

but wait!! what's this!!??
my own words tremble threatening to give way
how is it possible is there another solution
my heart fills with joy, once again it wants to pray

I thought I was alone
never to be found,
cursed, dreaded, tortured, hated,
in misery to drowned

but wait what's this?? what hand do I see??
that shimmering light, what glee do I feel
forced to ponder over that past life of mine
but wait, it doesn't seem that difficult an ordeal

ohh!! those soft whispers
those affectionate reassurances
life now seems an easy test
who needs any other assurance

wishes are granted
miracles do happen
what you need is just to believe
and magic itself will unravel

never ask "WHO CARES"
look around a bit, just glare
might just so happen in your case dear love
someone has stopped to stare!!

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Gr8 nd Soothing...
by: S.K

with a frnd like you and those kind words,no frnd would EVER EVER ask him/herself:Who Cares?
Keep up da good word FRND...

Gr8 nd Soothing...
by: S.K

amazing poemm.....with those kind words and a friend like you ,no friend would Ever Ever ask her/himself:Who Cares?:)

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