I Don't Need You Say Goodbye

by Alexis Pinckney
(Fort Lauderdale, FL)

I've grown up and seen who I can be.
I don't need you, just as you never needed me.
So what's the point of all these fights?
Keep telling me to leave, and I just might!
We are all grown up now, not just kids.
I can't get over all the things you did.
I can't forget all the things you say,
especially when you are always pushing me away.
You pick me up, then tear me down.
You act like you know I'll always be around.
One day you care, the next you don't.
I'm so over it, I can feel it in my throat.
I've always been good to you and never let you down.
I'm starting to feel like I'm some type of clown.
Yet I always stay and hold you in my heart.
You mean the world to me and that's just the start.
But I can't keep letting you hurt me like you do.
I want this to work but you have to too.
Otherwise this is the end of me and you.
It's the last thing I want but I may have to do.

The compliments have stopped and your always talking sh-t.
Now I'm too skinny before too thick.
You don't hold me when I'm hurting, no matter the type of pain.
You don't hug me or hold me all in the same.
The only time you kiss me is hi and bye.
That's one of the main things that makes me wonder, why try.
I want passion from someone who doesn't want to let me go.
I want to be able to look at him and know, it's me that he chose.
Not that I live close so lets see where it goes.
It's hard to be in a relationship unsure of how he feels.
It does make sense when he claims to be so real.
Show me you love me or tell me the deal.
I'm a good woman but you have to see,
That I just need someone to love me.

Back to the top where I don't need you,
Guess it is true based on the things that you do.
So when the time comes to say goodbye,
Don't worry my love I'll look you in the eye.
Just do me a favor and try not to cry!

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