I Dream of you

by Anthony Wayde Vail
(Battle Creek Michigan, Calhoun)

Keith Hendryx my Cousin but so much more. Wife Debbie Hendryx a wonderful woman

Keith Hendryx my Cousin but so much more. Wife Debbie Hendryx a wonderful woman

I had a dream last night. First one I've remember in what? like forever, When I awoke, you startled me. You were just standing there looking at me. I couldn't believe my eyes you were the last person I ever expected to see on earth.
You look real good Keith but something different! You lose some weight ? What are they feeding you in heaven ?
Yes Debbie was just here, you just missed her. She told me you have already been down here a few times checking in on your mother, Sarrah and the kids.
I had so many questions I wanted to ask her. She told me she was really busy and in a hurry, Something about getting back to Ashley, Then she told me what you said and just, Disappeared,
As you can see Keith I'm still not taking it very well, My heart has a new ache I've never felt before, and it seems to be only getting worse now that your gone.
I never pictured my life with out you in it. As kids you were and still are my one and only big brother. I've always looked up to you, and copied everything you did.
I know this pain and sorrow I have in my heart will slowly fade and get better, but it will never be the same, because you took a piece of it with you to heaven!
I'm now going to cherish all our good and funny memories we made together!
I'm going to end this because I'm so sad, hurt and now I'm lonely.
I know now for ever tear that I shed is just a reminder of of all your strength and courage! You passed on to us daily.
This poem is dedacted to my Cousin Keith Hendryx, And His beautiful wife Debbie Hendryx. Took from us by a drunk driver!

By:Anthony W. Vail

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