I Find That I Compare

by Nicky Marinkovic
(Leeds, United Kingdom)

I find that I compare myself, to other women that I see

Through daily life, in magazines and when I watch TV

To look and dress a certain way, or to be a certain size

Extreme diets and silly fads, some were definitely unwise

The list is never ending, to all the things that you can do

From Botox to Implants and Liposuction, to name just a few

Spray Tans, Hair Extensions and Veneers, you can decide

In a quest for perfection, it seems many women have tried

All the lotions, the many products that help turn back time

I will confess I have invested, for this hope has been mine

Then one day I finally realised; I am happy with who I am

I may not be a super model but I will try doing all I can

To make the best of what I have and will do this naturally

Make the most of my assets and everything that makes me

To be happy with who I am, is really beautiful on its own

Beauty comes from within; it's not something we are shown

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by: McCollonough Ceili

I wish every 11 year old girl in the world could read this poem. I too have found my self comparing my looks to those of super models. only to learn that I like who I am with out all the fancy make up. Good job well done! Hope to read more.

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