I Hate My life

by BRoKeN HeaRT

Every day I ask myself
did I really screw up?
what is it that it doesn't seem right
It kills me inside,

love is bad, betrayal is worse
but I tried everything to make you happy
but it never worked out

This stress is too much,
Always trying to be perfect for you.
Making sure every fold is even,

I hate being unpopular
i tried making new friends but couldn't stop thinking
especially with you in the mix.
Everything has to be perfect,
Everything has to be fixed.

You make me feel alive,
Then make me feel like sh-t.
Though its not even your fault,
You don't even know you're doing it.

All I seem to do,
Is sit in my room and cry.
To make sure things are in their place.

I'm just a friend to replace.

My whole life is a lie
I don't know why
I really wanna change

one day somebody told me I should go back to my country
and that hurt my heart so badly
I cried all night and all day
but you didn't even care
I was there for you when you needed help
but you never thanked me
I always ask for your help
you just walked away like you didn't know me
I'm really sorry for what I did
and hope you forgive me
but I still hate my life

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