I Have Chosen You

by Vivian
(Port Saint Lucie, FL, United States)

Our eyes meet 
I have chosen you
I draw you close
You can't move, you can't breathe
I have cast a spell, you're drawn to me
You feel my breath ,I kiss your neck
Then My lips touch yours
And my love sets in
Like a drug runs through your veins
A toxic passion you can't explain.
You see me fragile, soft, and weak
You don't know me
The real me
I will make you bleed, long for me
I will consume your soul
For where I'm from there is no love
There is no flesh
It's your soul I want, it's your soul I'll get
I loved once before
Gave him my body, my mind, and my love
Hurt, lies, and pain is all I got in return
So I will love you for a little while
And then I will leave
My toxic love you'll miss and you will forever need....

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