I honestly, appreciate every lie.

by vtvc@rcn.com
(Allentown PA)

I honestly appreciate every lie.
Stop making excuses; you buzz kill executive white coats
Dandruff hiding concern traitors living on slices from my past
Stop living in your exaggerated ways and get on that horse
Pull more rabbits from your hats, junkie me up make it last
17 Thousand, Nut Breakers Drive is all I have of you in my mind
Your silhouette personality, unhappy without a cell phone in your hand
Graciously screaming for you to speak, my need to color outside the lines
As I run from waves with my feet cemented in the sand
Again a respite from our simple lives walking past each other as strangers
Churning “I love you” with no idea or remembrance to its meaning
I am but a mound of scared and brittle nerve endings in my own asylum
Indistinguishable as one snowflake to the next, for the burning
I see you in your travels, happy, gentle yet with a sad look on your face
Still walking tall, hiding lies and secrets behind your lace
Creating our own miseries and this broken down house
Kept together with all the pieces we have shed off throughout the years
I have no answers or am I even in on the joke that life has become
Wearing a cattle driven, crushed back and forever-blooded spoon of tears
I found all the dead ends and shadowed the cheese at the end maze
Still unreceptive to any new tunes to fill my torn heart
Feeling the earth spinning beneath my feet bound to fall off sooner then later
I can’t feel I am with you anymore, my walls starting to part
Standing stone cold missing the children’s laughter passing the hat for left over crumbs.
Wanting nothing more then the earth to shake, quake and swallow me up in all its beauty
To hide in trees make friends with the honeybees and hope someone will see what I see
To stop feeling safe in a crowd of or being afraid to go to sleep each night empty
I honestly, appreciate every lie.

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