I keep it gangsta

by Tru2it

I'm a soldier by birth a warrior at mind a gangster at heart so I don't mind dying so know your place in front of me ain't the place to be running your lip ain't about shit you best bring the heat cuz I'm going to come with it I've been known to act a fool I'm a donkey with it I don't play by no rules if you don't like me I really don't give a damn I'ma gudda gudda I ain't going to change I am what I am stay true to the streets because that's all I know show off top if you play me week it's a must that you go get out the way man why you bumping your gums or end up a Deadman when I reached for the gun I see you walking around talkin but you ain't said nothing about actions push your button grab the Glock and start busing look I'm about to trigger play it's kill or be killed outages fuquay gorillas play your hate can keep you so no the deal when you come around my way cuz where you stand playing games it was a fuck you going to lay I keep it gangsta to the fullest dog respect my mind when it comes to the street sheet it's a must that I ride you started up and I'm climbing in in the front sitting low pistol cocked behind the tent now what's up I told you boy bathroom rules I don't play but I'm going to keep it G.A.N.G.S.T.A

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