I Know

by Savanna
(Houston, TX )

I know Ive made this huge mess,
because I was a jerk,
I know Ive caused you so much stress,
and now you think I'm dirt.

I know I made a stupid mistake,
we both know that much is true,
I know right now I have the shakes,
from the thought of losing you.

I know you think I can't improve,
my actions have said so much,
I know you think it's time to move,
but I can't live without your touch.

I know you want a better life,
that now you think I won't provide,
I know how much the things I said were wrong,
This is me swallowing all pride.

I know I have so much to prove,
my words now are empty air,
I know I cant give up now,
It's only you in which my life I want to share.

For Andrew.

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