I Live Amongst Angels

by Mary Pagdati

I live amongst angels, the kind that Heaven sends.
Only here on earth, we call them friends.
If you’re like me, you’ll know when you pray,
For answers are received from day to day.
You needn't look upon a star,
They watch over you, wherever you are.
With their chants, you’ll know they’re near,
Stopping along the way, to wipe off a tear.

They’ll come and go to each beckoning call,
Lifting you up when you stumble and fall.
And when you’re afraid, they’ll shed glowing light,
To let you know that you’ll be alright.
Take heed and quieten your busy mind,
For in their tender whisper, peace and comfort you will find.
Don’t take them for granted, just ‘cause they’re there,
Love them and tell them how much you care.

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