I Live to Die

by Jimmy Langford

Everyone is born with peace in their minds.
Not realizing soon everyone pays for their crimes.
I stand to my feet, I never break a sweat.
Fear is not an option for me, step up, place your bet.
I won't back down, I have too much riding on me.
I have to clear my mind to keep it from drifting to a place it shouldn't be.

I can remember when I was a young kid growing up.
Even then it didn't take long before I would start blowing up.
I guess everyone should have known then something was wrong with my mind.
But everyone ignored the signs.
I dig a hole out on the edge of town.
Still waiting for the one who can place me 6 feet underground.

I know a lot of people will see this and say I need to seek peace.
As my mind drifts to itself I don't see it happening not even in the least.
They tried to lock me in the padded cell.
To a maniac you may well have given me the keys to the gate of hell.
Dropped to my knees to ask for forgiveness for what I am.
I so tired of asking, that I no longer give a damn.

Someone always talking shit.
Hit em up so hard my hands sound like a machine gun, click click.
Had pain in my heart, couldn't handle it so I cut it out.
Ice replaces the blood in my veins, test it if you have doubt.
Love and Hate are emotions of the heart.
I only feel no remorse straight from the start.

I know my words are going to cause a lot of people to complain.
Their are others out there just like me just watch what you sayin.
To live like I've lived you have to learn to fight.
Under the religion of the street light.
Some are born for greatness, some are born to ride.
Some live for themselves, the rest of us live to die.

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