I look up to

by Abbey (13 years old)

I look up to someone who
Always says
“What’s going on?”
“Where are we?”
“Ooh I love you”
Kind of person

I am jealous of someone who eats anything
Without gaining a pound
“I feel fat, but I'm still hungry”
“Let’s eat then go work out”
Kind of athlete

I admire someone who is always there
Just because,
Holding my hand,
Being my best friend
Even though she's family
“Oh I love you for no reason”
Kind of family member

I want to grow up to be
Someone who fights with me
Just to goof off
Never grows up
“Let’s go to the park”

When she’s eighteen
Kind of girl

I look up to a
Driving with the windows down,
Country Music blaring,
Hair blowing,
Mind changing
“Let’s go to the mall at the last minute”
Kind of friend
I look up to that kind of cousin

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