I Love This; Jesus, I Really Do

by yuan changming

Yes, you’ve just had a terrible car crash
You broke both of your legs
You were laid off last night
You lost all your files saved in your hard drive
Your only child has just died of an unknown disease
Your wife has eloped with a rich and handsome boy
You have not been able to sleep for more than a week
Your sick father has just turned a plant being
Your eyes cannot see any longer
You become bankrupt today
Your bad cough is getting dramatically worse
You find yourself a new cancer patient
You are being tortured by an evil interrogator
Or…. no problem, but you still have at least one remarkable reason
To celebrate: you remain alive, and so long
As this is true, you will be rewarded, sooner or later
In an ever surprising way, for every single occurrence is
A real preparation for the better to come

Indeed, what I say is, each event that takes place in your life
Leads you nowhere else but one step closer to heaven

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