I Love to Teach

by Terri Hall

My third grade teacher was an inspiration to me.
She treated us like people,and was as sweet as a peach.
I came home and told my momma,
"I'd like to teach."

From that year forward, I prepared for my dream.
I worked and I studied
For I had a goal to reach.
When I arrived at my interview I said,
"I'd like to teach."

Some days the job is stressful,
You know that dreaded test!
The work piles high,and I'd rather be at the beach.
But even then,
I love to teach.

Some children can be hard to handle.
They don't always listen.
I try to be patient. Then finally you hear,
"I think I got it!" with a screech.
Oh, have I told you?
I love to teach.

They come with sweet cards and pictures,
and say "You're my favorite!"
But the ones with the snotty nose and a cough
stick to you like a leach!
Oh, but even then,
I love to teach.

My own child is intellectually disadvantaged.
She loves with all her heart.
The hardest part is that she has no speech.
"Please treat her and those who are like her with compassion."
Is the lesson,
I love to teach.

My son is brilliant!
He has a great love for music and knowledge.
My heart bursts with pride,
as I tiptoe to kiss his forehead I can now barely reach.
"Be the best that you can be son."
Is the lesson,
I love to teach.

As I settle down at the end of each day,
I give God the glory, because I am very blessed!
Always be thankful for your life, I beseech.
I'm so thankful to God that,
I love to teach.

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Your the best
by: Joshua Boone

😍😍 This Is a good Poem

this is good
by: kristofer torres

I think that this is a really good poem.
I really like perri she is the sweetest peach in the patch.
Coy is awesome he is really brilliant, and I like that he plays the
saxaphone. Did you know that a saxaphone is one note higher than the horn in F.

mike board in lbbk tx here
by: Anonymous

still awesome i see miss hall
would love to hear from u

Good Peom
by: Andrea Ybarra

Ms. Hall this is a good poem and it totally describes you 100% oh && I LUV YOU!!!

by: Demre

Really good!

Good Job!
by: Felecity Baiza

This is a very good poem Ms. Hall.

love you
by: Abigail Cox

love you Ms.Hall you are the best great poem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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