I Love You Boy, Even If You Are A Demon

by Taylor Anderson

I was sitting in heaven on a cloud
When I saw you
Such A beautiful Angel You looked so Pure
So I flew down Because I had to know you
I asked your name and you told me
Then we fell in love or at least I did
But I missed heaven
But I loved you
Then When I tried to visit my home
You showed your true nature
You're no angel you're a demon!
And you put a chain and lock on my heart.
I try to fly away but something's torn from me.
So I stay
Now I'm a fallen angel
Captured by my love for a demon.
My white wings turned black,
My halo no longer shines.
You won't let me go
And you use me constantly
I want to run
But I have no home to go to anymore
All because I loved a demon..... You
And forever I am doomed to roam this earth
Searching for the key to these locks and chains,
And begging you to let me go
And I cry every time I pass the places
Where we spent so much time
Back When You Were MY ANGEL..

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Aug 20, 2012
by: jasmine comer

this intriques me for some reason and i remember reading a book that made me feel the way this did. excellent writing!!

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