by Lamzolla singsit
(New Delhi)

I miss you so much, mom
your advice, your snort when you laugh and such,
You always bring a smile to my face,
with all the silly jokes you send without disgrace,
I need you as my preacher
to always show me the right door,
I need you as my teacher
to give me the whole score,
I always know that you are near to me
because when I close my eyes I see you there,
Even though I can not always hear thee
I give applause to know that you are near,
Please know that you are always in my heart,
and never forget that I am your only son,
Believe f'show that we will never really be apart,
and forever bet that you will always be the one,
I love you.....mom,you are the Best mom in the world
that i ever had, and thankyou mom for Giving me a chances
to see this beautifull world, yea" i still got confuse
Why did god have to take you? Why did he make us all cry?
from seeing you suffer?
You had to fight your whole life and you had to fight to live,
At night i use to always pray for you to come in my dreams But it never happens, then i go downstair and you are not there,
i stare at where you always sat,now its Empty,
Apart of me is missing that part will never be found,
i miss the sound of your Voices, your laugh and your care,
You are always in my heart
i mish you so much ..mom.

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