I miss

by Allison K Roopcharan
(Flushing, NY)

I miss when I was little and my mom would bathe
and dress me and then kiss me off to go play.
I miss when I would take a shower late at night
And my dad would towel dry my hair.

I miss when my sister and I would talk about
Boys and stuff when we lay down to rest.
I miss when my grandmas would make me
Wonderful treats to eat, they were always the best.

I miss my school days, teachers, friends
and all the good cool fun stuff that we did.
I miss when I would go dig up earthworms with my cousins,
So that we could use as bait to go fishing.

I miss the smell of the asphalt when
the rain would fall on a hot sunny day.
I miss all the great stories I was told as a kid
And all the great jokes my uncles would say.

I miss going to Mr. Ali's store,
To get all different kind of snacks
I miss the holiday concerts
And all the parts that I would act.

I miss getting in my dads pick up truck,
so that I could go to the beach.
I miss going to church on Sunday mornings
Though it was not regular, to hear the Minister preach.

I miss all these things, and more as I recall,
Happy I had the chance to enjoy them all.
They would forever remain in my mind and heart.
My early childhood days, that's the best part!!!!

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