I Need More!

by Cha 'La Ree Brown
(Newark,New Jersey)

I need more than a one night out of the month dinner for 2

I need more than a every now and then you wanna try something new

I need more than a six pack of Corona a Blunt and a smack on the A**

I need more than a Thug

I need a Man with Class

I need more than the weekend to catch up for the time that was lost

I need the meat and potatoes and "Oh Yeah i want the sauce"

I need more than a man with street smarts and street pharmaceuticals

I need love and life and things that are beautiful

I need more than a regular 9-5

I need a career that makes me happy upbeat and alive

I need more than a friend who's in competition with what I have

I need a friend through thick and thin when I'm sad and to make me laugh

I need more than a friend who's got her eyes on my man

I need a friend who listens doesn't judge but understands

I need more than being Married for the sake of the Children

I need long lasting sincerity , dependability and when I'm wrong to be forgiven

I need more than ten minutes of your time... your nickel and dime

You say you mine but I can't find you...I can't see you.. I can't please you... I wanna meet you...Show me who you are

I Need More!

Give me a sign...I'm tired of trying... My life I'm denying

I keep on praying but you keep on fading

I Need More!

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