by Nkamang Tsotetsi
(Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa)

I sit here, my heart beating in staccato
I am in a reverie, I am deep in thoughts
Lulling over life and its goings-on
Will it be merciful once and halt its mercilessness
Will there be a smile on my face some day

Through my mind’s eye I feel the prick of my inaction
Why entertain this, why not reciprocate with vengeance
Victim I will not play, not anymore
Anger and displeasure begin enveloping me
Unfathomable it is that I acted victim all the while

Like a tree I will be, like it I will perform
Like a tree dances to tempests, I will smile to adversities
Like it greens in rain storms, I will blossom into pretty mosaic
Like it persists in thunderstorms, I shall awaken and arise
Like strength of its roots I will strengthen my will and upsurge

I gather courage to strength of a shrub through seasons
Through its trunk is support, on my feet I will stand high
The somberness in me will change to cheerfulness
I strive for goodwill and I shall rise beyond hardship and misfortune
Upon my soul, hardship and misfortune are done away with

After thought, in a wink of an eye emerges harmony
My heart now beats to the melodies of life pleasantness
Eyes see calm in sunset, ears hear serenading of the wind
Celebrating life and serenity, I have risen
The gravity of faith, courage, I am a perennial tree

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by: Anonymous

Thanks for encouraging us. I love your work, keep writing my dear sister.

I shall arise
by: Anonymous

Your poem is interesting Ausi, is good initiative and by creative.

I Shall Arise
by: Mautji Youngman

I am moved by the ending of a life so wrecked and torn apart -- that at the end it is stitched together. Life no matter how rough and thorny has a way to end on a high. In as much as there are thorns, flowers too are part of the path we traverse. Afterall every rose sits on a thorn branch.

I love the imagery
by: Kea

Wow Aus Nkamang, your writing gets better and better with each poem! This is lovely. I can see imagery as I read. Through life's challenges, it's important to allow yourself to feel the hurt, but focus on the positive. It's important to hang on and not give up - that's what I get from your poem.

by: Refilwe M

Yet again, an amazing way of capturing your thoughts.

Thank you Nka for sharing with us.

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