I still Remember

by Eman Abdullah Mohammed
(Egypt , Ismailia)

Long long ago ..you remember
we were young and tender
I miss everything about you
I miss all what we used to do

Time pass so quickly
and I thought,
I was acting horrifically
When the day came along
And I knew where I belong

It was only you who stood tall
It was you who prevented my fall
You were always there for me
to hold what is left in me

I love you even more
Although you are not here anymore
I surely know ,you are in a better place
There are no lies ,hypocrisy,or disgrace

A place I long to reach
with some patient I would truly face
I will thrive to be honest in this race
And keep myself together in one piece

This world has become of no meaning to me
I miss you my friend and the dead part in me
It breaks my heart millions time that there will never be
A person like you to hold what is left in my soul.

I miss you my friend Like I have never before
I miss your smile ,your laughs and even more
I will never forget you
as you have lived and will live
in my heart for eternity.

Written by : E.A.M. The brave heart

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