I thought

by Raven
(Horton )

I thought that i could see your pain
I thought that i could feel my pain

no one knows me and they shouldn't
but the reason that I'm still alive is because the thought of you keeps me going

I thought you were real
I thought you were pure
I thought you were mine

it only turns out that I've been played
it only turns out that you stole my heart and soul
but it only turned out that you are a fake, and a coward

I thought i saw you
I thought i felt you
I thought i could adore you

There's a lot that i thought but those thoughts only got me
being burned

I thought you cared
I thought i liked you

but really I just hate you

hate you for the way i feel
hate you for the lies
hate you for being fake
but i just simply hate you

I thought yo myself
I could make it through
I could be alive again
I could feel something

But the truth is that they are just my thoughts

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